I am certified through the Ohio University Institute of Diversity Education. Please contact me if you are interested in Diversity and Inclusion Training at your company or in your classroom. 

Director of Diversity and Internships for the Schey Sales Centre (2017-present)
  Diversity and Inclusion:
 - Create and implement diversity recruitment program within the Schey Sales Centre, a sales          certificate program with over 600 students
 - Build cross-campus programs to recruit underrepresented students
 - Mentor a team of 7-10 students regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives
 - Lead quarterly workshops on diversity and inclusion
 - Educate both students and corporate partners regarding diversity and inclusion amongst sales        professionals
 - Coordinate 600+ student internships
 - Create internship digital portfolios to increase student engagement and provide corporate partners with valuable feedback
 - Work with 50+ corporate partners and 600+ students to find appropriate fit for both internships and    job placements

                           2019-2020, Copeland College of Business Fellowship Award
                     2019, Schey Sales Centre Servant Leadership Award
                     2019, Awarded OU Intellectual Contributions Grant ($1,500)
                     2017, Awarded UT Supply Chain Forum Grant ($5,000)
                     2016, Haslam Outstanding Doctoral Student Teacher Award
                     2016, Sheth Consortium Fellow
                     2016, Co-recipient of the Southeastern Marketing Symposium DRS Award   
                     2013-Present, University of Tennessee Chancellor’s Scholarship
                     2013-Present, University of Tennessee ESPN Scholarship​​​​​​​

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