Teaching Purpose
A marketing and sales education should foster a student’s ability to view the business world with a critical eye. By using my work experience as a foundation, I provide students with a realistic preview of the opportunities and challenges they will soon encounter as they enter the work force. Many students come to my office after they have been assigned a course grade to discuss what “real” marketing and sales jobs entail and ask for career coaching. I believe that mentoring should extend beyond the semester if students seek it and are engaged. Overall, my goal is to not only provide students with conceptual knowledge, but to challenge their way of thinking by asking them not what they have read or learned, but what they think about what they have read or learned. And most of all, I hope to teach them to be good, solid employees and citizens...people we would all like to work with and for. 
Intro to Professional Selling (MKT 3580), Ohio University College of Business, Instructor Rating: 8.5/9, College Average: 7.2
Consumer Behavior (MKT 350), University of Tennessee, Haslam College of Business, Instructor rating: 4.6/5.0, College Average: 4.0 
Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MKT 300), University of Tennessee, Haslam College of Business, Instructor rating: 4.5/5.0, College Average: 4.0

Introduction to Professional Selling
Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing & Sales
Online MBA Marketing Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Marketing and Supply Chain Integration
College of Business Learning Community
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